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Advantages of Selling a House As Is

The average person in this country moves 11. 7 times in their lifetime, and people move for various reasons.

One of the top reasons people move is to upgrade. When you live in a house that doesn’t meet your needs or standards, you might not want to invest more money into the house to update it. Instead, you might decide to sell.

Many homebuyers look for homes that don’t require work, but what if your home needs work? The solution is to sell it as-is. 

Selling a house as-is offers a way to sell the property without investing a dime. If this sounds like an excellent plan, you might want to learn more about the process.

Here is a guide to help you learn all the benefits of choosing to sell your house as-is.

Eliminates the Negotiations

One of the major hassles of selling a house through a real estate agent is negotiations.

Negotiating is the step when the buyer tries to get the most out of the deal from you. For example, you might have to bend a little to reach a mutual agreement, including lowering your price or agreeing to make repairs. 

Negotiating takes time and energy, and it isn’t something that most homeowners feel competent doing. Therefore, they hire real estate agents to handle this step.

When you sell your house as-is, you can eliminate this step. You can choose to list your home for sale as-is for a specific price with a real estate agent. However, this method might still result in some negotiating. 

The better option is to sell your house for cash to a real estate investor. They’ll make an offer to buy your home, which completely eliminates the negotiation process. 

You Save Money

The next advantage of this method is the money you’ll save. When selling a house as-is, you won’t have to spend money on repairs and updates. Therefore, you’ll save on repairs. 

You’ll also save money in other ways. For example, you won’t have to stage your house. If you eliminate this step, you can save a lot of money. 

Additionally, you will have no real estate commissions to pay. When you sell as-is, you find a cash buyer. The cash buyer makes an offer, and you won’t pay any commissions or fees from this amount. 

You also won’t have a buyer asking for repairs and updates. Instead, they won’t expect you to do anything to the property. 

You Know How Much You’ll Get

Another benefit of selling a house as-is is knowing how much money you’ll get for the sale. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to calculate your profits when selling a home traditionally because you won’t know every expense. 

For example, you might not know how much commissions you’ll pay. Additionally, you might not know how much you’ll spend on other closing costs. 

When you get a cash offer, you must pay your mortgage balance, but that’s it. You can contact your lender to see how much you owe to find out the balance and subtract this from the cash offer.

You’ll instantly know how much money you’ll walk away with when selling a house for cash. 

It’s Faster

When you want to move on to a different property, you might not want to wait weeks or months. However, if you sell through a real estate agent, it takes weeks or months.

When using a realtor, you must list your house and wait for buyers to contact your agent for showings. Then, you must wait for showings to occur and for an offer. After that, you’ll wait for your closing appointment.

As a result, it can take months to sell a house through an agent. However, selling a house as-is takes only seven days. After accepting a cash offer, you’ll close within one week.

This method is the fastest option you have for selling a home. So, if you want to sell a house immediately, this is the way to do it. 

No Contingencies or Inspections

Another frustrating part of selling a house traditionally is that the buyer will probably ask for contingencies.

For example, they might ask for a home inspection. If so, you’ll wait for the inspection to occur. Then, you’ll wait for a clear report to come back from the inspector.

If they find problems with your house during the inspection, it might void the sale. There is no need for inspections when selling for cash.

The cash buyer takes the house as-is even if it has visible problems. Therefore, selling a house as-is eliminates the possibility of a sale falling through due to problems with the home.  

You Can Sell As-Is in Several Ways 

Finally, you can sell a house as-is in several ways. As mentioned, you can list a home as-is through a realtor. The realtor will create a listing and advertise the home as-is. 

The better route is to sell as-is to a cash buyer. A cash buyer is a company that pays cash for investment properties. They flip these properties or use them as rentals. 

They’ll buy any house, and they stand behind their offers. You can request an offer and close on it in one week. There is no simpler method available. 

Reap the Benefits of Selling a House As-Is 

When your house needs work, what should you do? You have the option of dumping money into the house and hoping you recoup the money, but this is a risk. The better option is selling a house as-is when it needs work.

You’ll reap the benefits listed here and more. Are you interested in learning how to sell your house as-is the easiest and fastest way? 

If so, contact us. At We Buy Houses, we’ll purchase your home as-is and give you a cash offer right away. Contact us if you’re ready to request a cash offer for your home.

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