The Ultimate Guide to How to Sell Your House Fast

Are you thinking about selling your home? Do you want to sell your home sooner rather than later? If so, you’re not unlike most other home sellers. 

However, the home selling process isn’t always straightforward. And while some homes can be sold in a matter of weeks, there are others that will sit on the market for months on end. 

So how can you ensure you sell your house fast? What can you do to expedite the process of selling your home?

We are here to provide a little guidance. Keep reading for everything you need to know about selling real estate quickly. 

Know the Condition of Your Home

First, to sell your house legitimately, you need to know what condition it’s in. For example, if you have a major roof or foundation problem, selling it to an unsuspecting buyer would hardly be honest or moral. 

Get a professional home inspection to evaluate the condition of your home. Then, you can decide what to do based on the results of the inspection. The average homeowner spends over $21K making renovations and repairs to get their home ready for the market. 

However, these repairs also take time. If you want to sell your house fast, it might be better to sell your home as-is.

Just make sure you disclose the home’s issues and damages to keep things on the up and up. You’ll also need to accept that your home is going to sell for less money than it would if you invested in repairs and updates. 

Identify Your Home’s Current Market Value

Once you’ve made repairs or made the decision to sell as-is, you can accurately determine the value of your home. There are multiple ways you can do this. 

First, you can use an online home listing site to provide you with a ballpark estimate of your home. This figure will be based on the other homes that have sold in your neighborhood in recent months. 

Alternatively, if you’re working with a realtor, you can have them conduct a comparative market analysis. This is the same basic process as online listing evaluations. However, your realtor will have in-depth knowledge about your house that can lead to a more accurate valuation. 

Finally, you might need to have an official home appraisal completed. These are by far the most accurate and hold the most water in the real estate market. Furthermore, many buyers (and their lenders) will require these before placing an offer on the home. 

Consider Working With a Real Estate Agent

As noted above, you can work with a real estate agent who can help you sell your house fast. They know how to list and sell the property to the right demographic of buyers. They also have a lot of connections with other local agents who probably have clients looking to buy. 

Aside from their marketing tactics and experience selling real estate, agents are also skilled in negotiations. They can help you haggle with buyers to ensure you get a fair price for your home, regardless of what condition it’s in. 

However, real estate agents are rather expensive, charging between 3% and 6% of your home’s sale price as their commission. Therefore, if you sell your home for $265,000, you could be handing out $8,000-$16,000.

Clean And Stage

The next step to sell a house is to clean and stage it for tours and open houses. This step is more important than you might think. 

Even though dirty walls, stained floors, and odd odors emanating from the basement won’t affect your home’s overall value, it will turn buyers away. The idea of moving their family into a home that’s dirty is off-putting, even if the mess can be cleaned up easily. 

Furthermore, many buyers see the cleanliness of your home as a reflection of how well the home was maintained over the years you lived in it. A well-cleaned home makes a good impression on buyers. 

Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to have your home staged if you’re looking to sell a house in record time. Studies show that staged homes sell about 73% faster than non-staged homes.

Sell Your Home to a Cash Home Buyer

Finally, let’s talk about a guaranteed option to sell your house fast. No matter what condition your home is in, how clean it is, or where the current real estate market is, a cash home buyer will give you a cash offer. 

There are several perks of going this route. 

No Obligation Cash Offers

Now, you probably have a ton of questions about selling to a cash buyer. First, let’s clear a few things up about getting your offer. 

When you request a cash offer from one of these companies, they’ll send one of their experts out to assess the condition and value of your home. Then, you’ll receive a cash offer.

However, you’re under no obligation to accept this offer. You can try to negotiate for a better price or walk away if you don’t like the offer you were given. 

The Fastest Possible Method of Selling a House

Secondly, and most importantly, if you need to sell your house fast, a cash home buyer is the absolute best option you have. It’s also the best solution for sellers who don’t have the financial means to make improvements before listing their homes for sale. 

As mentioned earlier, most cash home buyers will purchase homes in any condition. You can even leave the home filled with stuff you didn’t feel like packing. 

Furthermore, cash home buyers can usually close on a home in a matter of one or two weeks. For this reason, selling to a cash buyer is ideal for people facing foreclosure, going through a divorce, begin relocated for work, etc. 

Ready to Sell Your House Fast?

Do you need to sell your house fast? Are you facing a tight timeline, going through a divorce, or at risk of having the bank foreclose on your home? Or maybe you’re just looking for a hassle-free method of selling your home?

Regardless of your situation, we can help. Contact us today to get a free cash offer. And remember, there’s no obligation to accept the offer, so what do you have to lose?

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