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We Buy Homes 4 Cash: The Benefits of Quick Cash House Sales

86% of homeowners work with real estate agents to sell their properties, which is why most people think the only way to sell their houses is to go the traditional route. So if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house,” you might think you have to go through what practically everyone else does.

However, this isn’t true at all! Another less-taken route that’s just as good (or even better) is to work with a “we buy homes 4 cash” company like us. We buy houses and give cash for them, making it a way easier process.

Are you now wondering why you should sell your house in this fashion? Then read on for the benefits you can reap.

You Can Avoid Foreclosure

Times can get rough, and you might not always make your mortgage payments. All it takes is one bad event, and it can cause you to slip behind for several months in a row.

Before you know it, your home’s in foreclosure, which is where the lender takes back ownership of your property and sells it. Needless to say, this can create a huge amount of stress.

One way to avoid foreclosure is to make a quick cash sale. By doing so, you can settle your outstanding mortgage debt and prevent the negative consequences associated with foreclosure. Most notably, it can damage your credit score, which can have a negative cascading effect on many other aspects of your life.

You’ll Receive Competitive Offers

It’s true that you’ll receive competitive offers through a traditional sale, but that’s only if you can attract home buyers who are serious about purchasing. In order for this to happen, you have to ensure your property’s in excellent shape, and this may not be feasible.

What’s great about selling a home for cash is that you’ll likely receive multiple offers, which can drive the price up. In certain situations, cash buyers are motivated to offer competitive prices to secure quick sales.

This works in favor of you, as it can result in a higher sale price than what you could’ve gotten through traditional methods.

The Process Is Quick

Regular home sales can take several weeks to months to complete. There are things like inspections, appraisals, and mortgage approvals you need to wait for. In addition, there are real estate agents involved, and they may not communicate effectively or promptly.

A cash sale is usually quick and painless. The process can take only a few weeks tops, with most complete within a few days.

For instance, we at We Buy Houses Memphis will call you back within minutes when you contact us. We’ll arrange a convenient time for us to come view your house, then give you a cash offer within 24 hours of viewing. If you decide to accept our offer, then we’ll close when you’re ready.

You’ll Get Fast Financial Relief

If you’re in a bind and need money fast, then you literally can’t afford to wait around for a traditional home sale to go through. Having cash in hand quickly can mean the difference between taking a life opportunity or missing it forever.

One of the best things about a cash sale is that you don’t have to wait long to receive usable money. It won’t be held up in escrow or anything; the buyer simply has to disburse the money to you. So in addition to avoiding foreclosure, you can also handle issues with divorce or relocation.

There’s More Certainty

In a traditional home sale, you’re usually dealing with other people like you. These are people who earn a modest income and have a fair amount saved, but they typically can’t afford to buy your house outright.

This means you have to wait for them to get a mortgage approval before the sale can proceed. Should an interested party fail to get a mortgage, then you’re back at square one. There’s no telling how many times this can happen, so it can become a long and drawn-out process.

Cash buyers are exactly as they sound: they have all the money ready to hand to you, so there’s more certainty to the sale. You won’t have to be anxious, as they’ll be able to put their money where their mouth is.

There’s More Privacy and Confidentiality

Some home sellers prefer to have privacy and confidentiality during the home sale process. And the more people you involve, the less private it gets.

Traditionally, you’d have to list your property publicly. Plus, you’d have to deal with lots of potential buyers and other parties, such as real estate agents.

Selling for cash eliminates all these worrisome things. You’ll deal directly with the buyer without putting a listing up. The transactions are direct as well, meaning no escrow or third parties are necessary.

This option is very beneficial if you value your privacy or have sensitive circumstances that require discreetness.

You Won’t Have to Make Repairs

If your property’s not in great shape, then you probably won’t attract many buyers. This means that making renovations is necessary to make your home as appealing as possible.

Depending on the condition of your house, these repairs can be cheap and easy, or they can be numerous and expensive. If you fall into the latter category, then you might not want to bother with such expenses. It can be bothersome to arrange for professionals to come do work too.

Cash buyers know that what they see is what they get. They’ll buy your house as-is, so you won’t have to invest time and money in repairs and renovations to make it market-ready.

There Won’t Be Real Estate Agents Involved

Going the traditional route doesn’t mean you’re required to hire a real estate agent. However, the market can be difficult to navigate on your own, and there’s a good chance you’ll be taken advantage of. Unless you’ve been through the selling process before or you already have real estate experience, it’s recommended that you have the assistance of a reputable real estate agent.

Their expertise comes at a price though. They’ll charge a commission fee, which is typically a percentage of the sale price.

Cash sales don’t require real estate agents, so you can save a huge amount of money, as you don’t have to pay that commission fee anymore.

There’s No Need for Appraisals

During traditional home sales, you’ll often need a property appraisal. This tells you what your home’s market value is. It’ll help determine whether your asking price is reasonable, as the appraisal will take into account the home’s condition and features, as well as its location.

It can be terribly disappointing if the appraisal comes in lower than you expected. Potential buyers then have room to negotiate lower prices.

You won’t have to worry about this with cash buyers though. While some may also require appraisals, it’s not a common request. They’re not relying on mortgaging or financing, which means they’ll skip this step and save everyone time.

You’ll Avoid Holding Costs

Holding costs are the expenses associated with owning and maintaining a property while it’s on the market or awaiting a sale. They include mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and utilities. All these costs can add up over time, especially when regular home sales can take months to complete.

You’ll save a hefty sum if you do a cash sale instead. Because the process is easy and fast, you’ll eliminate these ongoing expenses and keep your bank account from hemorrhaging.

It’s a Streamlined Process

There’s no denying that traditional home sales are complex and can be messy. Not only is there paperwork, but negotiations and contingencies too. All this can put unnecessary stress on you during an eventful part of your life if you’re trying to move at the same time.

Selling for cash means a simpler and more straightforward process. Plus, there are flexible closing timelines. Even if you receive an instant offer, you don’t have to close until you want to.

As a result, there’s less stress and administrative burden on you.

Use a “We Buy Homes 4 Cash” Company

Maybe it’s never occurred to you before to use a “we buy homes 4 cash” company. But now that you know all the benefits that can come with this selling option, it’s enough for you to reconsider going the road more traveled.

A cash sale will reduce stress and put money in your pocket quickly. It’ll be a straightforward process too, meaning you can focus on other aspects of your move.

Are you now convinced of the benefits you can get? Then contact We Buy Houses Memphis now. We’ll give you a fair offer!

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