7 Tips for Advertising a House for Sale on Social Media

Around 47% of real estate businesses say social media results in the highest amount of leads compared to other sources.

This proves how crucial social media is as a marketing tool because it lets realtors further their reach.

If you have a house for sale and you’re struggling to advertise the property on social media, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top 10 tips.

1. Post Professional Photos

A recent study shows 98% of buyers judge whether or not to walk through a property by seeing the listing photos online.

Hiring a professional is the safest bet but it’s possible to shoot excellent photos yourself. First, declutter all surfaces and remove everything apart from essentials like furniture, lamps, and artwork. 

Then wash your windows and open the curtains so natural light floods in, perfect for taking photos. When you’re finished, create a listing description so buyers can learn more about your area and home.

For instance, if the property is close to a beach or golf course, mention it in your listing description. The copy and photos should complement one another. You should also highlight any recent renovations or remodeling projects you’ve done.

2. Consider Virtual Staging 

Buyers want to visualize themselves living in your property so remove personalized items like photographs.

Realtors suggest home staging where you arrange furniture and decor to showcase a property. This can involve hefty financial investment if you add modern furniture or repaint the entire property.

Instead, consider virtual staging as it’s far more cost-effective. Virtual staging is a digital marketing tool that lets you add computer-generated furniture so buyers can imagine living there. 

But you must never manipulate photos and market them as regular listing photos. Clearly state that they are “virtually staged” and post the listing on your blog and social media to boost leads.

3. Use Videos for 3D Tours 

Videos add an extra dimension to your listing. Use videos to create virtual walk-throughs of the property, excellent for buyers who can’t visit in-person.

Once you’ve created the video, post it on YouTube so more people can see it. Market your video by posting it on your blog, social media channels, and email the link to everyone you know to further your reach. 

Strive for 100 views so the video appears higher in Google searches. Realtors can also turn an open house into a live event using Facebook or Instagram Live.

4. Invest in Facebook Ads

Alongside photos and videos, marketing with Facebook is brilliant for advertising a property.

Sign up for Facebook ads and set your daily budget so you can monitor how much you’re spending. Next, narrow down your search by tweaking the location, age, and gender to target specific buyers.

Instead of posting an entire listing, craft a compelling sentence about the property alongside a photo or video. Plus, add a link to your listing in the ad. 

When users click through your ad to your website, you get more traffic which can boost SEO.

And because they’re connected, advertise with Instagram as it’s a visual platform, perfect for posting home listings. The app lets you be specific with your location targeting so you can show ads to buyers interested in your area.

5. Don’t Forget Pinterest

When looking for and communicating with buyers, Pinterest is for you.

Create a local board that covers a variety of topics like events or DIY as they’re loosely linked to real estate. This lets you build a far more popular board than only posting listings.

Once you have a community, add images that link to your listing so the right people see it. You can also try Pinterest ads as they’re far cheaper than Facebook ones. 

You can’t target specific demographics, only major cities, so post several ads at once.

6. Blog About a Waiting List 

Real estate companies should use blogging to promote recent listings.

Create a waiting list for your area where interested buyers can sign up and get an alert when there are new posts. 

This gives you a database of potential buyers so you can always promote a sale and discuss a fair price for homes. And because they’re already house hunting, you have a higher chance of sealing the deal. 

Remember to promote your blog on your social media channels so more buyers can access it.

7. Use Twitter 

You can reach buyers on Twitter by cold calling. Craft a few scripted tweets and send them to people who are interested in buying.

This connects you to clients interested in buying real estate in the near future. First, find relevant hashtags with large followers so there’s a higher chance of finding leads. 

You should also use hashtags to highlight a listing’s best features. For instance, use #infinitypool or #beachlife to attract followers looking for a property with that feature or location.

If the hashtags aren’t generating enough engagement, consider using tools like Hashtagify that let you monitor and analyze how well certain hashtags do.

Got a House for Sale? Use These Tips

Now you know how to promote a house for sale via social media.

Post professional photos, invest in Pinterest or Facebook ads to reach more audiences, and blog about your waiting list so you create a strong database of potential buyers.

You should also embrace virtual staging so you can improve the property’s interior without breaking your budget and spread the word on social media. Happy selling!

If you’re trying to sell your home, we’d love to chat. Contact us here for more details.

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