Need to Move? The Ultimate Guide to Sell Your House Fast for Cash

Are you having a difficult time selling your home? With COVID-19 quarantines still underway, many people aren’t searching. Meanwhile, home prices have increased by 5% in the past year. 

If you want to sell your house fast for cash, you need a plan. Otherwise, you might miss your opportunity to reach interested buyers. 

Don’t let the pandemic slow you down!

Instead, keep reading for 10 tips on how to sell your house fast. With these tips, you can sell your house in Memphis with ease. Start selling with these 10 tips today. 

1. Establish a Deadline

If you’re thinking of selling, the first thing you need to do is set a hard deadline for yourself. This deadline isn’t meant to add pressure to your life. Instead, it can help keep you on track to complete the remaining items on this checklist.

In some cases, selling a house for cash can take months. In the current economic environment, it might take even longer.

If you already have your new home waiting for you, you’ll want to remove every roadblock in your way. Establishing a deadline can help you keep focused on the road ahead.

Otherwise, small distractions might add up and delay the process even more.

You can even use your deadline as a marketing ploy. When you list your home online, add the last date you’ll accept offers to your listing. 

It’s important not to tell buyers you want to sell your house fast for cash. Letting them know you’re in a rush might make you seem desperate. They could avoid your listing and take their search elsewhere. 

Instead, use your timeline to leverage the fear of missing out. This fear will encourage them to take a look at your property before it’s too late. By setting a deadline, you can draw a crowd of interested buyers to your property.

Once you have their interest, you can show them all the reasons to fall in love with your property.

2. Talk to Neighbors

Once you decide you want to sell your home, visit your neighbors. Ask them if they have friends or family members who want to move into the area. Your neighbors might know someone who is eagerly searching for a new home.

If they don’t know anyone personally, encourage them to spread the word! You can give them a flyer or link to your property listing.

Who knows? They might have a friend who is interested in the area and not even realize it.

3. Find a Cash Buyer

For some homeowners, the process of selling a home alone is daunting. You might not want to work with a real estate agent if you’d prefer to save money. Instead, consider working with a cash buyer. 

A cash buyer doesn’t work by asking for a cut of your sale. You also won’t have to worry about the fine print. Instead, cash buyers are available to help you achieve your goal of selling your home quickly.

Make sure to look for an experienced team of home sellers who are familiar with the area. Choosing an experienced team will allow you to leverage their expertise.

They’ll handle the legwork so you don’t have to.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about realtor fees. You won’t have to pay for repairs in your home, either.

Instead, cash buyers will visit your home based on your schedule. They’ll evaluate the state of your home, the market, and your neighborhood. During the evaluation, they’ll also determine any goals you have about the sale.

They’ll consider these factors before providing you with a fair cash offer. That’s it!

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4. Choose a Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point can help you stand apart from other listings in the area.

Do you have a large bay window in your home? What about a luxury swimming pool or scenic views?

Think about all the reasons you love your home. Then, highlight those features to attract prospective buyers. 

5. Adjust the Price

If you’re trying to sell in a slow market, your asking price is important. If you’re struggling to find buyers, consider re-listing your home with a lower price in mind.

Make sure to look at other listings in the area. Researching other listings will help you remain competitive. At the same time, you can avoid reducing your price too much. 

6. Start Staging

Does your home look attractive? Can buyers imagine themselves living there?

You might want to consider having your home cleaned and professionally staged. Staging your home makes it easier for buyers to picture starting a life there.

Try to remove any personal items or unappealing furniture. Leaving as little as possible in your home will help buyers imagine their own furniture and possessions there.

7. Offer Incentives

If you want to sell quickly, you might also consider adding an incentive. Incentives can help you stand out from other listings. It can also attract potential buyers.

For example, you can offer furniture, appliances, or a flat-screen TV.

Think about what you have to offer before adding an incentive to your listing.

8. Update the Exterior

Neglecting curb appeal could cost you potential buyers. After all, it’s the first thing they see when viewing your home.

First, update the landscaping. Add flowers and trim the shrubbery. You can also paint your front door to make sure your property stands out. 

9. Update the Interior

The interior of your home might need some help, too.

Are your carpets old? Is the paint fading or peeling?

Making a few cheap updates to the interior of your home can make the property more appealing to buyers.

10. Stay Flexible

As you use these tips to sell your house fast, remain flexible. Buyers might want to see your home on certain days or after work. The best day to show your home is a Thursday.

In fact, homes listed on a Thursday sell over $3,000 more than homes listed on Mondays.

Make time for your buyers and show them you’re there to help.

Sell Your House Fast for Cash: 10 Tips for an Easy Sale

Ready to start selling? With these 10 tips, you can sell your house fast for cash without worrying! Then, you can start living in your brand new home without having to think about your old property.

Need to sell your house fast? Contact us today to get a cash offer!

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