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How We Buy Houses Memphis Works

4 Easy Steps to Get Cash for Your Home

Selling a house is considered a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. When your only goal is to sell, finding a home buyer who can offer you cash for homes is ideal. As the top cash buyers in Memphis, we’re ready to make you an offer.

We’ve simplified the home-selling process in Memphis to ensure that, when you’re ready for us to buy your house, we move quickly. Below, you’ll find the four key steps to our process. It all starts with you and a single phone call or five minutes of your time on our website.

Let us help you acquire the best cash offer for your Memphis house.

Step 1: Contact Us with the House You Need to Sell

You’ll find a simple contact form on our website. To complete it, we need your basic contact information, including your name and phone number, and your property information. With this info submitted to us, we can start our process in-office.

Within minutes of calling or submitting your information online, we’ll get back to you. Our goal is to arrange a convenient meet-up on your next free day. We’ll come by personally, discuss your goals, and examine the house firsthand.

Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough

A walkthrough is quick and painless. Once we have your information, we’ll call you back and set up a time to meet at the house you’re trying to sell. We’ll look at the overall condition of the property, the current housing market in the area, and the neighborhood, too. Then, we’ll sit down and discuss your goals as a seller. We want to know why you want to sell. This information all factors into our fair cash offer.

Step 3: Receive a Cash Offer for Your Home

As we said, our goal is to offer you a fair cash price for your house. Unlike local real estate agents, we don’t take a cut of that price. We don’t charge any hidden fees or receive a commission off the top. The money – if you choose to accept our offer – is yours to keep.

If you accept our cash offer, we’ll move on to the next step.

Step 4: Sell Immediately or Whenever You’re Ready

Fast turnaround time is essential. We know you don’t want to wait to sell your house in Memphis. You want a quick cash offer, a quick sale, and to be on your way. We agree!

Once you accept our fair cash offer, we’ll schedule a convenient time to meet once more. We’ll sit down at a local title office, you’ll sign your name, receive your cash, and the deal is done. The money is yours to keep and use as you see fit. We’ll take over ownership of the house. There are no banks or lending companies involved – just you and us.

Why Sell to Us

The reason countless homeowners call our office each day is because people know us throughout Memphis and the surrounding area as the best. We work with you to ensure we meet your needs as a seller. When we make you a cash offer, which is always within 24 hours, we factor in your goals.

You won’t find the same level of service or commitment in your everyday real estate agent. Their goal is to make themselves money. Ours is to make you money!

When you’re finally ready to sell your house in Memphis, call us at 901-641-1895.