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7 Cheap Home Upgrades to Make Before Selling

The United States housing market has been strong over the last two years. Ample inventory and low-interest rates made buyers’ and sellers’ dreams come true. 

Due to these factors, homes were on the market for an average of 22 days. If the price is right and the house is in decent condition, buyers are eager to make offers. 

One element that turned buyers away was the condition of the house. Regardless of the price, if a home needs work, buyers often turn away. 

Adding home upgrades when selling a house is an excellent way to ensure your home catches buyers’ eyes and results in a sale. Keep reading to discover seven cheap home upgrades that will make your house stand out. 

1. Give Your Yard Some TLC

Curb appeal is vital when selling your home. Buyers often make decisions before they even see the interior. A neat and tidy yard help get buyers in the door. 

Make sure trees are healthy and trimmed. A professional arborist should remove any dead branches or dying trees. Rake the leaves to keep your trees looking clean. 

Remove the weeds from your flowerbeds and put down a fresh layer of mulch. Add flowering plants for pops of bright color. Try to fill any brown spots on your lawn, and always keep it freshly mowed. 

When your home’s exterior looks nice, buyers will be more interested in the interior. 

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your interior walls helps buyers see the space from a different perspective. 

Choose a neutral color like cream, soft grey, or light beige. Keep the color consistent throughout the house and ensure any trim colors are complimentary and not too bold. 

Adding fresh paint creates a blank canvas. When buyers aren’t distracted by bright colors, they can envision their own furniture and art in the space. 

Fresh paint also makes your home look clean and bright, and it’s an easy upgrade that may help you sell your home faster. 

3. Consider New Appliances

Appliances are an integral part of a home. If your home’s appliances are dated or don’t work well, it’s wise to consider replacing them. 

You should replace any appliance older than ten years. Older appliances draw much more energy, increasing the power bill. Replace any appliances that are broken or lack full functionality. 

Buying new appliances doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for Energy Star refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and laundry machines. These appliances use much less energy than older models. 

New appliances will also impact your appraisal in a positive way. Also, when buyers are considering similar homes, they are more likely to choose the one with new appliances.  

4. Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning

Nothing makes a potential buyer more intrigued than a sparkling clean home. When buyers feel like a home is move-in ready, they’re much more likely to make an offer. 

If you have carpet, have it steam cleaned. Most vinyl flooring and tile also benefit from a steam cleaning session. Pay special attention to the grout and make sure it’s free of stains. 

Wash any porous fabric items like curtains and drapes and rehang them. Use vinegar and newspaper to make your windows shine. 

Be sure to remove any pet hair that collects in corners and under furniture. Consider an air purifier to remove any pet dander and keep your home smelling fresh. 

5. Replace Cabinet Hardware 

If you don’t have the time or money to replace the cabinets, replacing the hardware is one of the best cheap home upgrades.

New drawer pulls, and cabinet handles give your kitchen and bathroom an instant facelift. Your space will look more modern and cohesive, and buyers will notice. 

Just be sure to clean the cabinet doors well and be certain that the new hardware matches throughout your home. 

6. Declutter Your Space

You’re going to pack your things at some point, so why not do it before your house hits the market? A clutter-free home looks nicer and makes a big difference when potential buyers see it. 

Remove personal items like children’s toys and family photographs. Make sure you take personal hygiene items and prescription medications out of the bathrooms. Take out any decor that’s personal to you and your family. 

If you need to leave clothes in the closets, have them tidied up. Hanging clothes should be pulled to one end of the rack. Shoes should be on shelves or neatly tucked under a bed so the buyer can see the closet floor. 

A decluttered home is visually appealing and helps the buyer imagine their items in the space. 

7. Touch Up the Exterior

Sometimes it’s not practical to revamp your home’s exterior. However, you can take care of minor cosmetic issues and make your home’s exterior more appealing. 

Be sure the gutters are clean and the downspouts are clear and in their proper places. If your downspouts empty onto bare ground, consider adding gravel at the base to avoid mud. 

Remove bird’s nest from your eaves and check carefully for wasp nests and other insects. Knock down spider webs as well. 

If any exterior paint is chipping or peeling, give it a touch-up. Clean all the exterior doors and windows. 

Powerwash your driveway and sidewalks. 

Have a look at your roof. If you’re confident you can make any minor repairs, it’s a good idea to do so. 

All of these small touches can make a significant impact when you’re selling your house

Small Home Upgrades Make a Big Difference

When you’re getting your home ready for sale, home renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. A few home upgrades like fresh paint, a well-kept yard, and decluttering make a big difference in the selling process. These differences could mean your home sells fast. 

If you’re in the Memphis area, contact us. We can give you more tips on home upgrades to help you get the cash you need. 

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