How Professional Real Estate Photography Can Help You Sell Your Home

How Professional Real Estate Photography Can Help You Sell Your Home

In this day and age, when people go looking for houses, they typically begin by searching online. As such, their first impression of a house is the pictures that were taken of it. What does this mean for the sellers of homes? It means that, if they want to sell their homes as quickly and for as much money as possible, they had better get good photographs of them. Yes, you can whip out your camera phone and attempt to snap some decent shots. However, there is a benefit to utilizing professional real estate photography.

We’re going to discuss that benefit in further detail below. 

By Providing Your Home With Proper Lighting

Take a picture of a room in your home with the lights turned out. Then, take a picture of it with the lights turned on. Which is more appealing? 

Odds are, the one with the lights turned on is more attractive to the eye. Not only does it make the room look more spacious but it also brings out the room’s details. 

Now, imagine if you could provide even more light to that illuminated picture of the room. It would make the room even more appealing to viewers of the picture, and thus increase the chances of them coming to look at it in person. 

This is where a professional real estate photographer comes in. Professional photographers have all of the equipment necessary to light a room optimally. As such, they’ll ensure that your real estate pictures are perfectly illuminated and pleasant to the eye. 

By Taking the Right Angles

When it comes to photography, angles mean everything. Think about it. If you take a picture of someone at an upward angle, they look big; if you take that same picture but at a downward angle, they look small. 

If you use the wrong angle horizontally, you can disturb the dimensions of items in the shot. You might even miss out on key parts of the room. 

Therefore, when taking real estate photos, you have to get the angles right. Of course, if you’ve never taken real estate photos before, this can prove challenging. 

This is where a professional real estate photographer comes in. They know exactly how to approach certain rooms and certain pieces of furniture, and will ensure that the correct angles are taken for any and all of their pictures. 

By Ensuring That Your Images Are Clear

It’s as simple as this: if your real estate images aren’t clear, they’re not going to attract people to your home. A blurry or pixelated image will turn off potential buyers and will therefore make it difficult for your home to sell. 

Now, you might very well be capable of taking a clear photograph. However, you likely don’t have the level of equipment that professional real estate photographers have. Professionals don’t use camera phones or cheap digital cameras; they use pro-level cameras that are designed to capture the clearest and most multi-dimensional images possible. 

They also have a bevy of other equipment that will facilitate optimal image clarity. This equipment includes lighting, tripods, editing software, and more. 

By Properly Staging Your Home

When showing your home off to potential buyers, you’re not just showing your home itself. You’re also showing the items that exist within your home. If these items are positioned in a disorganized manner, or if there are too many of these items present, they can drastically negatively impact buyers’ perceptions of your home. 

This is why you have to stage the items in your home. This is particularly important for images, as properly staging furniture and other items will help to get the most aesthetically pleasing images possible. 

Fortunately, professional real estate photographers are well-versed in the staging of homes and will ensure that your home is made to look as attractive as possible. 

By Providing You With an Abundance of Images

If you were to take pictures of your home by yourself, you would likely just take as many pictures as is needed. This would suit you in the short term but could leave you lacking in the event that you need to produce further marketing materials. 

This is why it’s generally a good idea to utilize the services of a professional real estate photographer. When you hire a professional, you receive an abundance of images, all of them of high quality. 

These images will feature every room in your home from a variety of angles. This way, viewers can get a true idea of what your home has to offer. And the easier it is for potential buyers to experience your home remotely, the more likely it is that they’ll come to see it in person. 

Don’t Feel Like Paying for Professional Real Estate Photography?

Not into the idea of paying for professional real estate photography? If not, you might be interested in selling your home as-is for cash. If so, and if you’re in the Memphis area, we here at are the people to see. 

We buy houses of all sizes, types, and conditions. After performing a walk-through of your home, we’ll make you a cash offer. You can then decide to either accept our offer or move on to other selling options. 

If you do decide to sell your home to us for cash, we’ll facilitate the process as quickly as possible and ensure that you have money in your hands within a few weeks. 

Interested? Contact us to schedule a walk-through! 

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